A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Acne Scarring

  Acne breakouts have a huge, negative impact on body image and self esteem.  Even after the pimples and cysts are gone, many patients are left with scarring that continues to affect their quality of life.  The good news is that technology continues to advance and the treatment of acne scars is safer and more effective than ever. Spring Street Dermatology in New York offers a wide variety of treatment options. With better lasers, microneedling, and the latest breakthrough: Secret RF ...

Baby Botox

For most of us, somewhere between the ages of 25 and 35 is the sweet spot.   It is when the very first fine lines have begun to appear but have not yet had the chance to develop into full fledged, deep set wrinkles.  We used to notice these lines only when we made certain facial expressions. But now, we start to see them even when our faces are perfectly still – and we don’t like it one bit.  Enter: Baby Botox.   Our muscles of facial expression contract to make us raise our ...

Your Post-Summer Skin Fix

  Ah, summer!  Endless sunny days lounging on the beach and warm sultry nights out on the town.  Or, if you’re like the rest of us New Yorkers, oppressive heat radiating from the sidewalks, stifling close-quartered subway commutes, and profuse unabating perspiration. However you’ve chosen to spend your summer, it’s a time when most of us increase our sun exposure and daily sweat quota, do some (or a lot of) traveling, and relax our routines.  All of these things can eventually wreak ...

Nobody Has To Know

  Nobody likes to talk about it but our vaginas are never the same after childbirth.  Then, the natural aging process and hormonal shifts associated with menopause further take a toll.  The result is a decline in vaginal health and appearance with symptoms like decreased lubrication, discomfort during intercourse, stress incontinence and labial laxity. The solution to this is vaginal rejuvenation, now offered at Spring Street Dermatology in New York, NY   Fortunately, technology is ...

When the Provider is the Patient: My Accutane Story, Part 3

In the great pharmacological arsenal of Western medicine, a few drugs are so embedded in the collective American consciousness that their names alone conjure up powerful, even emotional, associations. Oxycontin is one. Plan B, another. And Accutane, while not at the root of a nationwide opioid epidemic or vilified by pro-life extremists, is arguably the most controversial medication prescribed today by dermatologists in the U.S. For many patients, Accutane seems like an oral atomic bomb, ...

What to do About Back Acne

  Summer in New York is a time for tank tops and bathing suits.  Unfortunately, it is also the worst time for people prone to back acne, a.k.a. “bacne.”  Heat, humidity and sweat lead to occlusion and clogged pores, trapping skin surface bacteria and attracting inflammation.  Pimples on the back are often cystic, which means they are not only unsightly, but can be painful and leave marks. Fortunately, bacne sufferers can take steps to minimize and treat breakouts. ...

Sagging Skin: Why it Happens and What to do About it

    Skin sagging is inevitable – it will happen to every single one of us if we live long enough.  There are contributing factors beyond our control, such as age, genetics, and ethnicity.  Then, there are some lifestyle choices we can make to help the cause. The aging process affects the entire facial structure. Over the years, our skin thins. There is a decrease in collagen and elastin.  Facial bones, the scaffolding that holds up our faces, begin to degenerate.  The ...

Got Moles? Map Skin Changes with FotoFinder

  May is the American Academy of Dermatology’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and with sunnier weather already upon us in New York, it is the perfect time to think about the health of your skin. Like other cancers, skin cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. It usually develops on areas of the skin exposed over time to damaging rays from the sun. Individuals with light skin who sunburn easily have a higher risk, but skin cancer can affect people of all skin types.   There are ...

When the Provider is the Patient: My Accutane Story, Part 2

The summer of 2017 was a bittersweet season for me. In late July, I celebrated my graduation from the York College/CUNY Physician Assistant Studies program after two grueling years of coursework and clinical rotations. And after months of confinement in New York, I was free to enjoy three weeks off with my friends in Maine and family back home in North Carolina. The only problem was, as I discussed in my previous blog post, my face. A mysterious bacterial infection had developed in my ...

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

  Our nails are made of a protein called keratin.  They consist of a nail plate, which is the part we see and paint with polish.  The skin under the nail plate is the nail bed and the skin around it is the nail fold.  A cuticle is thin tissue that covers the bottom of the nail to protect it as it grows from the root at proximal nail fold.  Nails grow approximately 2-3 mm per day and take around 6 months to completely regenerate.   Changes in the texture or coloring of the nails can ...

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