Ultherapy: The Latest Innovation in Skin Tightening

One effective procedure that may offer an alternative to a facelift for some patients is Ultherapy. This procedure utilizes advanced and highly-studied ultrasound energy to stimulate the body’s production of collagen, giving you the best of both worlds – smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin without general anesthesia or downtime.

As you age, your body begins to produce less collagen, resulting in skin that lacks structure and elasticity. The firm skin quality you enjoyed in your youth will fade, with lines, wrinkles, and creases making their appearance. While this is all part of the natural aging process, today’s demand for minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments has led to a new generation of procedures that are geared toward triggering the body’s natural ability to restore a more youthful appearance.

At Spring Street Dermatology in Manhattan, New York, our board-certified dermatologists work to optimize the appearance of your skin through state-of-the-art cosmetic enhancements. We believe in achieving natural results using the simplest, least invasive techniques possible. Our goal is to bring out the best in you.

The Power of Ultrasound Technology

Ultherapy, created by the medical technology company Ulthera, works by using the safe, effective, and non-invasive energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deeper structural layers of the skin (including those typically targeted during a surgical facelift) without disturbing the surface of the skin. In other words, it treats the skin from the inside-out to lift and tighten the skin non-invasively. The body responds to ultrasound energy by stimulating the growth of fresh collagen, which is responsible for the gradual lifting and tightening of the skin. This process restores the youthful structure and appearance of the skin over the next several months. This gradual process leads to a more refreshed and natural-looking appearance.

Ultrasound Energy vs. Laser Therapy

How does Ultherapy differ from your usual skin laser treatments? Laser treatments use heat energy to create injury to the skin on a variety of levels. As the skin heals, collagen is produced and cell turnover occurs. While lasers can address common skin issues such as scars and wrinkles, they cannot lift the skin. Ultrasound energy, on the other hand, relies on deep heating that works deep into the dermal structure. It protects the skin’s surface while treating deep tissue to naturally lift, tighten, and tone without damaging the integrity of the skin.

Treatment Areas

Ultherapy is approved by the FDA for the brow and décolletage area (neck, chin, and chest), but it can also be used on other parts of the body with loose skin (stomach, above the elbows, or knees)./p>

Benefits of Ultherapy

Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Firms and lifts the skin

Reduces sagging skin

Does not require downtime

Improves your appearance over time

Produces natural-looking results

The Procedure

Your physician will clean your skin and identify the areas to be treated. Ultrasound gel is then applied to these areas, and the treatment applicator will be placed against your skin. Your physician will use Ultherapy’s ultrasound imaging to see the deep layers of tissue being targeted, ensuring that the energy is delivered precisely to where it will produce the best results. During the procedure, you may feel a tingling sensation as well as quick, intermittent feelings of heat, as tiny amounts of energy are being deposited under the skin. Your physician will provide a topical anesthesia as well as offer ibuprofen and nitrox to help manage any pain you may experience. To learn more about Ultherapy, visit clinicaltrials.gov


Q: How Long Does a Session Last?

A: A single treatment in our Manhattan, New York office can last up to 90 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Treatment for the chest area is about 30 minutes, while the face and neck can take 60-90 minutes. Focusing on the face or neck could take 30-45 minutes per session.

Q: When Will I See Results?

A: Results from Ultherapy will appear gradually over 2-3 months, with improvements continuing to up to a year after treatment.

Q: How Long Do Results Last?

A: Since it’s the goal of the procedure to stimulate collagen, the duration of the results depend on the individual. Results typically last up to a year or more. Touch-up treatments are recommended to maintain optimal results.

Q: Is There Downtime?

A: There is no downtime. After your procedure, you can immediately resume your normal activities.

Q: Are There Side Effects?

A: There may be slight redness on the treatment areas, but that should resolve within a few hours after the treatment. Some may also experience swelling, tingling, or tenderness to the touch, but these are mild and only temporary.

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A: Most patients will only need one treatment, but others can benefit from more sessions, depending on the degree of skin laxity and how their body responds to the treatment and the collagen-building process. It is best to have follow-up treatments each year to maintain results.

Q: Can Ultherapy Replace a Facelift?

A: While Ultherapy can successfully treat the same deep foundational layers addressed in cosmetic surgery, it won’t duplicate the dramatic results of a surgical facelift. However, Ultherapy is a great alternative for those who are not ready for surgery, but who want a rejuvenated appearance.

Q: Who is a Good Candidate For Ultherapy?

A: Men and women who want to maintain the condition of the skin as it ages and those who want to look younger but are not ready for a surgical procedure are good candidates for an Ultherapy treatment. Typically, those who are in their 30s or older who have some degree of skin laxity under the neck and under the chin or have lines and wrinkles on the chest would benefit from the procedure. If you are between surgeries, focusing on a non-invasive beauty regimen, or looking for an entry-level procedure for boosting your skin’s collagen, Ultherapy is a great treatment option for you.

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