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THE LATEST INNOVATION IN Cellulite treatments

Cellulite is a widespread concern with few treatment modes, but the recent FDA approval of Qwo®, developed by Endo International, is giving more women an option to treat their cellulite.

  • Downtime: very minimal
  • Pain Level: very Minimal
  • Results Duration: 3+ years, may be permanent



Side Effects:

Bruising and slight swelling at the injection sites


Primarily used on the buttocks

Follow Up:

A series of 3 treatments, spaced 21 days apart, is needed for optimal results

How Performed:

Injections are made into the treatment area


Topical anesthetic is available

Procedure Type:


Expected Outcome:

Reduction in dimpling associated with cellulite


Improvements can be seen 3 weeks after the first treatment, but full results won’t become evident until the treatment plan is completed

qwo cellulite treatment results in New York City

Spring Street Dermatology in New York City is offering this injectable treatment at our SOHO, Tribeca, and Uptown skincare clinics, as part of our commitment to provide the latest in non-invasive therapies for our patients’ cosmetic and medical skin concerns. Our team of board-certified dermatologists can help you address your cellulite with Qwo.

what is qwo?

Qwo is the first FDA-approved injectable therapy for cellulite. Cellulite is dimpling that occurs when the fibrous bands under the skin’s surface begin to constrict and pull areas of skin inward. This condition often develops on the buttocks, due mostly to aging, and it affects 90% of women. Endo International formulated Qwo to treat moderate to severe cellulite by smoothing away lumps from under the surface. Qwo targets those fibrous bands that tighten and cause the “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” effect known as cellulite.

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How does Qwo improve cellulite?

While other treatments focus on the external symptoms, Qwo targets the underlying cause of cellulite. Fibrous septae are tissues that connect the fascia muscle to the dermis, and the septae bands tighten over time. This tightening pulls the outer layer of skin inward, creating noticeable dimples. The pulled skin also causes the fat pockets just under the dermis to protrude, intensifying the visibility of cellulite.

Qwo’s formulation includes collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes as an active ingredient, and this is the element that focuses on the tensed up septae. This ingredient targets collagen to release the septae enzymatically. Qwo’s enzymes actually break down built-up collagen that causes the tightening. As Qwo releases the skin from the bands’ grasp, the skin’s outer layer relaxes back into place and the dimples subside. Other cellulite treatments cut underlying fibers with a blade or laser, which can result in more trauma to the skin and surrounding tissues.

How does Qwo improve cellulite?

Anyone experiencing moderate to severe cellulite who can come to one of our New York City skin care clinics for a series of treatments is likely a good candidate for Qwo. We offer packages that include three treatment sessions, spaced about three weeks apart, to ensure patients achieve optimal improvement. Most patients return to regular activities immediately following their treatments, so even those with busy schedules could benefit from this therapy.


Your Qwo treatment session will take about 30 minutes, as we inject Qwo into each buttock in up to 12 different places. Most patients require three treatment sessions for optimal results. Our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants are experienced in injectable therapies, so we can keep you as comfortable as possible during your treatment session. We offer topical numbing for increased comfort. Most patients experience little to no discomfort during Qwo treatments.

Benefits of Qwo

The first and only non-invasive, injectable treatment for cellulite

Testing involved the largest set of clinical trials in the history of cellulite investigation in the United States

The treatment addresses the root cause of cellulite, not just the symptoms

Can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite

Effective on all skin types and tones and requires no anesthesia or downtime

Long lasting (studies show results last at least 3 years)

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Our team of board-certified doctors and physician assistants can help you address your cellulite with Qwo. We’d like to help give you a rejuvenated appearance through comprehensive medical care and the most advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments available. To learn more about  Qwo and our other anti-aging treatment options, schedule online or contact Spring Street Dermatology in SOHO, Tribeca, and Uptown, NYC to schedule a consultation.

Qwo Questions & Answers

Q: Do Qwo Injections Hurt?

A: Our team is skilled in minimizing pain during injectable treatments. You may experience slight discomfort during your treatment, so please let your physician know if you are experiencing intense discomfort. Most patients experience little to no discomfort. We can provide topical numbing to help your experience be very tolerable.

Q: What is Recovery from Qwo Injections Like?

A: You may experience tenderness at the injection sites, so avoid strenuous activity immediately after your treatment. Most patients return to regular activities right after leaving our office.

Q: How Long Do Results Last?

A: Some studies have shown Qwo results can last up to three years, and there is speculation that the improvement could be permanent. However, Qwo is still very new, so it is difficult to determine the precise duration of the results.

Q: Are There Side Effects?

A: Side effects from Qwo are mostly due to it being an injectable treatment. After your session, you may notice:

  • Mild swelling
  • Temporary bruising
  • Hardening or tenderness around the injection sites
  • Redness or other discoloration
  • Warmth at the injection sites

These possible side effects are temporary and should subside within a week or two. Some patients have bruising lasting up to three weeks, so if you are planning a beach vacation, make sure you schedule your Qwo treatments so you won’t have visible bruising when you are ready to wear that bathing suit. If you have any concerns about the side effects you are experiencing, feel free to contact our office. You should be able to return to your regular routine immediately after your procedure.

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