Mariam Zakie

Mariam Zakie, operations and development manager at Spring Street Dermatology in NY,NY
Mariam Zakie joined Spring Street Dermatology (SSD) in 2013, where she has been playing a key role in the strategic planning and expansions of SSD. With a progressive career spanning across fashion, retail, and beauty, coupled with her international background and bilingual communication skills, Mariam was able to translate her skills and experience for her work at SSD. Today, Mariam oversees the operations, management, and marketing of three SSD locations.
Mariam is a long-established operations and development manager with 15+ years of experience in leading complex projects, retail expansions, and brand development of high-end services and products. She has a track record of creating efficiencies, increasing revenues, and reducing costs, while ensuring strong brand development and recognition. 
When Mariam is not busy at work, she enjoys baking, experimenting with calligraphy, and reading while she cares for her family.