Research Studies

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Spring Street Dermatology stays current on the latest dermatology treatment techniques and procedures. We understand how clinical research plays a pivotal role in the field of medicine, particularly in finding the safest and most effective treatments for our patients. For dermatology research studies to be successful, we rely on qualified volunteers to help us as we explore new, promising treatments. That’s why our practice is pleased to begin offering participation in dermatological studies to our patients.

Current Studies

With a variety of studies to choose from in NYC, you may find one that meets your medical or cosmetic needs. Our current studies include:

Wrinkles on Forehead

Acne Scars in Darker Skin Types

Freezing Body Fat

Wrinkles Around the Eye

Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris

3D Imaging to Measure Acne Scarring

Being A Research Volunteer

As a participant in a clinical research program, you have the chance to be among the first to gain access to cutting-edge treatments before they are even available to the public, usually at no cost to you. More importantly, you get to play an active part in your healthcare, and your participation may create a positive change in dermatology by helping others receive better treatments for their conditions in the future. The treatments are usually free, and you will oftentimes receive financial compensation for your participation. Eligibility requirements vary for each study and determine the criteria for participation. When you apply for participation in a study, all the specific information regarding eligibility and compensation is found in each research study listing.

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How to Take Part in A Study

Anyone may volunteer to be a participant, but not everyone will qualify for every study. Certain requirements apply to each study, such as age and having specific skin conditions. The first step to participating in a clinical trial is to sign up and apply for one. If you are eligible, a researcher will respond, and you will receive your treatment schedule as well as other pertinent information if you are accepted.

What to Expect As a Volunteer

Treatments take place at our sister practice, the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York’s Manhattan Research Center, so you will need to be able to travel to this location for your appointments. Research volunteers must be available for all treatment sessions, evaluations, and even at-home care regimens. Volunteers usually receive financial compensation for their time.

The Importance of Dermatological Research

Research is what allows doctors to determine the best methods to treat patients. It makes the advancement of new procedures, new medications, and new technologies possible. Many dermatological research studies which involve big data and tools used for analysis not only expand knowledge about many types of skin conditions, but also bring about the discovery of the most up-to-date life-changing therapies–from skin cancer treatment to cosmetic procedures–including the recent development in treatments such as photodynamic therapy (PDT), phototherapy, cryotherapy, and the wider use of Botox® Cosmetic.

Learn More About Dermatological Research Studies in NYC

In a dermatological research study, you can receive optimum care from highly trained and knowledgeable board-certified dermatologists in the field. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for any of the current studies or would like to learn more about the application process, you may call (212) 840-0499 or complete the below sign-up form. You can also learn more about our practice here