Lincoln Square

Located in the very heart of Manhattan, right next to the world-famous Central Park, Lincoln Square is one of the essential New York neighborhoods. It’s well-known for its unique personality and a variety of some of the most iconic landmarks in the country. Over 60,000 people with the most diverse backgrounds call this neighborhood home.

Lincoln Square is a true gem in New York’s crown, attracting thousands of tourists every day.  A lot of them visit this neighborhood to see its rich architecture, take a calming walk in Central Park or eat in one of the many restaurants. However, Lincoln Square offers a variety of other fun activities and businesses to consider, for example, Spring Street Dermatology. The locals visit this place to get the highest quality dermatology services from the best board-certified surgeons.

The Lincoln Square Neighborhood

Lincoln Square is the quintessence of New York. Covering a pretty small area of 100+ acres, this neighborhood manages to combine everything: residential living, world-class eateries, luxurious and affordable retail businesses, educational institutions, and cultural landmarks.

Every year during the holiday season in December, the neighborhood hosts Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square — the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the entire city. 

Dermatology in Lincoln Square

The board-certified dermatology specialists at Spring Street Dermatology offer a wide range of cosmetic and medical procedures for patients from Lincoln Square and the surrounding areas. If you have any skincare or skin health concerns, you’re encouraged to make a same-day appointment with one of our specialists today.

Treatments offered

Spring Street Dermatology in Lincoln Square specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology. Our practice offers a wide spectrum of services, including: 

Landmarks in Lincoln Square

There is an abundance of historic and contemporary landmarks in Lincoln Square. Every tourist will find something that fits their needs. The most notable places to see are:

  • The Mall and Literary Walk in Central Park. One of the most iconic tourist attractions, this path is surrounded by century-old elm trees and numerous statues. This is a great place for walking, people-watching, reading, and enjoying the nature of the park.
  • Lincoln Center. This performance center is dedicated to jazz entirely. Every show is a wonderful opportunity to listen to good music, enjoy great interior design, taste delicious foods and drinks, and meet like-minded people, all at the same place.
  • Metropolitan Opera House. One of the most noticeable tourist attractions and cultural landmarks, this place is definitely worth visiting. The largest opera house in the world, it has a tremendous seating capacity at over 3,000. Visitors can enjoy performances all year round.

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