miradry consultation for excessive sweating hyperhidrosis


for hyperhydrosis

MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment for underarm sweat that works by delivering electromagnetic energy to target and selectively destroy overactive sweat and odor glands.

  • Downtime: minimal
  • Pain Level: Minimal
  • Results Duration: permanent


Primary hyperhidrosis that affects the underarm area

Side Effects:

Swelling, numbness, bruising, and sensitivity of the underarm area, which can last for a few days after treatment


Targets sweat glands under the arms

Follow Up:

Some patients require a second treatment to achieve an optimal outcome

How Performed:

Energy is delivered into the sweat glands via a handheld device without penetrating the skin


Topical or local anesthesia administered prior to treatment

Procedure Type:

Electromagnetic energy

Expected Outcome:

Significant reduction in sweat production under the arms


Results are immediate

miradry treatment in new york

MiraDry is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for underarm sweat, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis. It works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy that targets and selectively destroys overactive sweat glands and odor glands. These glands do not grow back once eliminated, resulting in a dramatic and lasting reduction of underarm sweat and smell. miraDRY is also FDA cleared for removing underarm hair

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Put an end to your excessive sweating and give yourself a rejuvenated appearance through comprehensive medical care and the most advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments available. To learn more about miraDry, schedule online or contact Spring Street Dermatology in SOHO, NYC to schedule a consultation.

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Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating. In most people, it occurs symmetrically on specific areas of the body, such as the underarms, hands, feet, or head. Hyperhidrosis can cause a great degree of emotional embarrassment and may affect the quality of a person’s life.

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Thurs: 9am-5pm

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