patient consulting with a certified physician's assistant about Juvederm Voluma filler injections in Manhattan, NYC

Juvederm Fillers

Improving signs of aging can be as simple as injections of dermal fillers, especially hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm®. This filler line can restore volume and smooth away lines and wrinkles to restore your youthful appearance.

  • Downtime: very minimal
  • Pain Level: Very Minimal
  • Results Duration: 6-18 months


Loss of volume in the midface and other areas, fine lines and wrinkles

Side Effects:

Infrequent, but might include redness, mild swelling or bruising


Primarily used on the face

Follow Up:

None required

How Performed:

Filler is injected to the desired areas via needle or a blunt-tipped cannula


Topical anesthetic available

Procedure Type:


Expected Outcome:

 Improved fullness, lift, and definition in the cheeks and midface, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles


Results visible immediately following treatment

Spring St. Dermatology emphasizes individualized patient care through an integrative approach and cutting-edge technology. Our board-certified physicians have the skill and experience to address all of your skincare needs and goals. Spring St. Dermatology has two convenient locations in Soho and Uptown to make cosmetic treatments accessible throughout the Manhattan area.


What are Juvederm Dermal Fillers?

Juvederm® is an FDA-approved line of cosmetic dermal fillers that uses hyaluronic acid to enhance facial volume and reduce aging symptoms like fine lines and facial creases.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body to hydrate the skin by binding to water. Juvederm® can enhance volume and help boost hydration for instant and long-lasting results.

Please visit to learn more about Juvederm hyaluronic acid facial filler.


Dr. Pustover performing a Juvederm treatment on a patient in NYC

What do Juvederm dermal fillers treat?

Aging skin can reduce your self-confidence every time you look in the mirror. A little glow from a dermal filler may not seem like much, but it can have a significant impact on the way you look and feel. Juvederm® can give patients a new, refreshed look without an extensive procedure. Juvederm® fillers can be used to treat:

    • Facial lines and wrinkles
    • Jawline and cheekbone contours
    • Lack of lip fullness
    • Lost volume
Before and after results from Juvederm dermal filler on a patient in NYC, NY
patient receiving Juvederm filler injections to the face in NY, NY

Who is a candidate for Juvederm dermal fillers in New York City?

Juvederm® is proven to be effective on all skin types and skin tones. Patients that want to improve signs of aging and see noticeable, long-lasting results can discuss treatments options with one of our board-certified dermatologists. Ideal candidates for Juvederm® fillers want:

    • Improved facial contour
    • Fewer lines and wrinkles
    • More youthful skin
    • Volume restoration in midface and other areas

What Juvederm fillers do we offer in New York?

The Juvederm® line includes a variety of products that are tailored to address specific concerns. Our medical spa offers the full line of Juvederm® fillers, including:

    • Voluma XC: Volumizes and enhances cheeks and jawline
    • Vollure XC: Reduces lines and wrinkles around the mouth, such as smile lines and nasolabial folds
    • Ultra XC: Enhances and volumizes the lips
    • Volbella XC: Enhances the lips and is also used to reduce perioral lines and under eye hollows
image of a box of Juvederm Voluma dermal filler, available at Spring Street Dermatology in NYC

What to expect during your Juvederm treatment

Juvederm® is a minimally-invasive treatment that requires little preparation. When you come to our medical spa for your treatment, we will begin by marking treatment areas with a pen before injecting the Juvederm® filler into the target area.

Light rubbing or massaging of the injected area can help ensure even distribution and reduce the chances of swelling. The injection needle contains a small amount of lidocaine to minimize discomfort during treatment.

Benefits of Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Quick office treatment

Minimally invasive

Smooths away lines and wrinkles

Restores volume to cheeks

Plumps and shapes lips

No downtime

Schedule Your Juvederm Treatment at Our NYC Medical Spa Today

Spring Street Dermatology has a team of expert dermatologists that can help identify if Juvederm® fillers are the best option for you and which filler will effectively treat your specific concerns.

Contact us to schedule your consultation at one of our two convenient locations in Soho or Uptown. Find out today how Juvederm® can help you achieve a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

Juvederm Fillers Questions & Answers

Q: Do Juvederm injections hurt?

A: Most patients find Juvederm® treatments comfortable and painless. These injectable fillers have a small amount of lidocaine to help reduce pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Q: Are there side effects after the procedure?

A: Some patients may experience:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Itching
  • Lumps or bumps

Patients can expect any side effects to subside within a week. It is essential to see a skilled and certified dermatologist to avoid more severe side effects related to unprofessional handling, like injecting Juvederm® into an inappropriate area. Spring St. Dermatology has expert physicians that know how to use Juvederm® safely and effectively.


Q: How soon will I see results?

A: While results can vary, many patients notice results immediately after a treatment or as soon as any redness or swelling dissipates. It can take up to two weeks for full results to take effect.

Q: How long will my results last?

A: Results can last up to one year or longer, depending on the specific filler used. Youthful skin can be maintained with regular treatments scheduled with one of our board-certified dermatologists at Spring St. Dermatology.

Q: Is there any recovery after a Juvederm treatment?

A: Juvederm® is a minimally-invasive treatment that requires little to no downtime, and patients can immediately return to regular daily activities.

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