Midtown East

Experiencing Midtown East is one of the best ways to get a bite of the Big Apple. No exception to the hustle and bustle NYC is known for, Midtown East is home to the city’s most popular skyscrapers, museums, and restaurants. 

The Midtown East Neighborhood

Whether just visiting or living in one of the neighborhood’s illustrious condos, luxury co-ops, or modest walk-up rentals, the best of Manhattan’s cultural attractions are mere steps from your front door – iconic buildings such as the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center could easily be one of your neighbors. During the day, sidewalks and subways are packed with commuters, office workers, students, and tourists. Tall, proud, and vibrant, Midtown is Manhattan’s beating heart with a pulse so strong, anyone will feel its infectious energy. 


A convenient neighborhood in Manhattan’s largest district provides easy access to some of the city’s best dining destinations. Described by the New York Times as an Indian restaurant that breaks the mold, Chola has been serving authentic Indian fare in a fine-dining context since 1998. Its menu is an exploration of the shores of the western states of Maharashtra and Kerala, to the eastern states of Andhra Pradesh and Bengal with dishes like Lobster Malai Tikka, Chicken Masala Kulambu, and Punjabi Shrimp Curry. Tucked inside the iconic mid century modern Lever House Building and decorated with original Damien Hirst paintings, Casa Lever combines timeless architecture and modern art to create an elegant setting where Italian classics, curated wines, and the warmest hospitality come together for an unforgettable dining experience. Fancy Italian dishes include Hamachi Crudo and Gnudi Toscani Al Burro e Salvia (spinach and ricotta gnocchi, butter, sage, milk froth). Serving some of the city’s finest patties, P.J. Clarke’s has been serving burgers and more since 1884. Nat King Cole even dubbed their cheeseburgers as the “Cadillac of burgers” during the 1950s. In addition to its signature burger with bacon and cheese, P.J. Clarke’s has a classic raw bar with oysters, clams, Maine lobster, and shrimp cocktail, plus a nice selection of beer and wine.

The Midtown East: Do and See

Any Midtown East explorer will have no shortage of activities around the neighborhood. The largest train station in the world, Grand Central Terminal welcomes 750,000 people daily. But the landmark is more than a transportation hub that spans 49 acres and 44 platforms. Visitors can not only treat their eyes to the celestial ceiling mural, but enjoy the terminal’s dozens of kiosks, restaurants, shops, and stalls. For those wanting to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant art scene, the Museum of Modern Art offers six floors of exhibits showcasing almost 200,000 works. Visitors get to see a wide array of paintings, sculptures, films, and other works from renowned artists like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Vincent Van Goh.  Bryant Park is a quaint oasis offering visitors space and peace in the middle of the city that never sleeps. Its verdant seasonal gardens and lush landscapes provide the best backdrop for picnics, concerts, and ice skating.

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