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Nobody likes to talk about it but our vaginas are never the same after childbirth.  Then, the natural aging process and hormonal shifts associated with menopause further take a toll.  The result is a decline in vaginal health and appearance with symptoms like decreased lubrication, discomfort during intercourse, stress incontinence and labial laxity. The solution to this is vaginal rejuvenation, now offered at Spring Street Dermatology in New York, NY


Fortunately, technology is now on our side.  The Juliet laser is a revolutionary, non-invasive device designed to functionally and cosmetically restore vaginal health. It works by delivering gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall to stimulate new collagen, remodel tissue and restore flexibility/shape.  During the treatment, a probe is inserted into the vaginal canal and two passes of energy are delivered to the vaginal wall. The first pass uses ablation to create micro channels causing immediate contraction while the second pass uses coagulation to deliver thermal energy to stimulate collagen production and revitalization.  


The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and is comfortable throughout. Each treatment uses a disposable hand piece with a rotating optic for hygiene and cleanliness. There is minimal downtime, with most patients reporting complete recovery within days.  The Juliet has been approved for sale in 35 countries. Numerous studies published in peer-reviewed journals have demonstrated its safety and efficacy. Notably, the Juliet was not among the devices cited by the recent FDA warning against competing devices for vaginal rejuvenation.


Benefits of a Juliet treatment can be noticeable soon after the first treatment and continue for several months after. Three monthly treatments are recommended with a maintenance treatment done once a year thereafter. To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation, visit

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